Behind the scenes at Nashaa.

I love to eat, travel, and try new things. During any of those activities, I get inspired. Sometimes, it’s a simple urge to combine– to merge the random caramel from a friend with a fig from my parents’ backyard. I won’t even do the whole process of coming up with the recipe right away. I’ll just pop both into my mouth and see how it feels. Exploration!!

Then come the decisions. Sticking with the example, am I making regular caramel or adding a flavor? Will the flavor go with the fig? Do I want to use a fig jam or the whole fruit? What coating will be complimentary? Which chocolate (dark, milk, or white) will bring out the flavors most? Experimenting!! 

After making tiny batches and having friends and family taste it, we can go bigger.  And by bigger, I mean 40 truffles at most. I know that success and growth are often associated with how much you produce and sell, but I enjoy smaller batches. It feels more personal. I’m able to pour love into every truffle that I roll between my hands. I’m able to appreciate each truffle for its unique shape, coating coverage, position on the cookie sheet. Sometimes, I’ll even think about a particular customer who will especially enjoy this specific truffle.  Connection!!

If it’s a holiday season, the posts will go up and people will put in their orders. When it’s a regular month, things slow down. I use this opportunity to play– to bring myself back to the intention and find ways to convey it more. Whether it’s finding vending venues, collaborating with other businesses in the community, or making art that can be worked into the packaging, I want to share pieces of me through my product. Expression!!

Finally, the culmination of all the ingredients, energy, and alignment is the joy or amazement I see in people’s faces or words after they taste my creation. It truly makes me happy to hear or see the child within them light up. Love!!