Chocolate as Medicine

Cacao is the main ingredient in chocolate and has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. The Mayans and Aztecs saw it as a sacred food and consumed it in drink form during religious rituals, festivals, and as medicine. Today, we know about its antioxidant effects which influence insulin resistance and reduce the risk of diabetes. Who would’ve thought chocolate could prevent diabetes? Cocoa consumption also protects nerves from inflammation, stimulates cognitive function, has a favorable impact on the vascular system. As is true for all medicine, the benefits are seen when chocolate is consumed in moderation and without added harmful ingredients.

At Nashaa, you are not getting a bulk pack of truffles. You’re getting 4-8 pieces meant to be savored and shared with loved ones. The ingredients, for the most part, are organic and they are not overly sweet. The point is to taste the ingredients for what they are and not to drown them out with sugar. Some of the ingredients come with their own set of medicinal benefits. For example, matcha is rich in catechins which prevent cell damage, pomegranate provides heart health and has anti-cancer phytonutrients, black sesame supports digestive health and provides hormonal balance. The list goes on!

The intention is to enjoy health. Something can taste delicious and still be in alignment with what your body wants in order to thrive. You can have both! Additionally, the feelings you feel when eating something are just as important to how it interacts with your body. Guilt is not going to help, nostalgia will. Fear is not going to help, curiosity will. I want you to eat a truffle and feel good about it in your body, your mind, and your spirit. I want you to remember the blessing and honor it offered to civilizations long ago.