Connection and Community

Why do any of this? I believe the most important thing on this earth is love. We are here to heal, connect, and grow through love. When I started making chocolate, it was just something that was fun to play with and even more satisfying to eat. It then progressed to sharing my creations with people around me and seeing the joy in their faces. Through time, it has become a way to collaborate with other businesses and groups in the community. I don’t quite know what it’s going to become in the future, but I do believe it is following a trajectory similar to love. We feel love first in ourselves. We can then share it with the close ones around us. It develops into something bigger to be shared with strangers who soon turn into family. Chocolate is a way for me to connect with myself and others. It is a path towards creating a community that I am still discovering.

I do know it is a community that promotes safety, peace, and support for all of its people. The chocolate is representative of an energy exchange that promotes something bigger– the good of the whole. High vibrations that start in the kitchen and have the potential to reach into the hearts of communities across the world. What better way than chocolate to illuminate the inner child in all of us so that we are free to make loving connections?

I look forward to connecting with every one who crosses paths with Nashaa whether it’s through chocolate, an event, a visit, a conversation, or a simple smile.